Call Me Crazy

Yesterday I went to the doctor. I have an old scar from a cigarette burn that, after 17 years, decided to have a mind of it’s own. It started bleeding (gross, I know), and scabbing (even grosser), and then turning funny colors. Needless to say, the doctor said it would need to be removed. That news didn’t really disturb me. What did disturb me was stepping on the scale and seeing my weight.


Now, I’ve known for some time that I have gained a substantial amount of weight. I only fit one pair of jeans comfortably. Okay, not even comfortably. Most of my career clothes are uncomfortable as well. But I absolutely refuse to buy new – ahem – larger clothes.

April and Me at a Purdue Volleyball Game

Despite that, I did not expect to see 187.2 pounds!


That’s a body-mass-index (BMI) of almost 30%. Do you know what 30% BMI means? Obese. So, while I’m not obese, I am overweight.

Have no fear. I have a plan. Well…I’ve had a plan for a while but a few days ago, I actually took action on it. Actually, over a week ago, I signed up to the recreation center on campus. Of course, I have yet to step foot back in the rec center to actually work out but I do have a plan. I took another step yesterday and, along with my girlfriend, April, signed up to run (or run/walk) the Nashville Rock ‘n’ Roll Mini-Marathon on April 30th, 2011.

Call me crazy…but I have a plan.


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