The Sun Also Rises

Today was my first day back to work since I decided to run the mini-marathon. Considering I am really out of shape, it is really important for me to run, ahem, jog four times a week. Today was supposed to be one of those days.

Yeah…not so much. Today, life happened. 

First, almost miraculously, I overslept. I say “miraculously” because I am typically awake before the sun rises. Not only did I oversleep, but I slept through the night. No 2am bathroom break. No 4am “why am I up already” stirring. No. I fell asleep shortly after 11pm and slept until 8:30am.

Yes, miraculous indeed.

Not so miraculous was the moment I woke up and realized I overslept. It was like that moment in a movie when someone is drowning and they come up gasping for air. I bolted upright in bed wondering where I was and knowing something was awry – and, yes, gasping for air. That feeling is so awful…so frantic. After several seconds of confusion, I realized oversleeping was not the end of the world. I just couldn’t run in the morning. I would have to run after work.

Yeah…not so much. Life kept happening.

Since I overslept, I didn’t have time to fix my official mini-marathon breakfast (oatmeal plus walnuts) or pack a healthy lunch. In fact, I was forced to break a New Year’s Resolution. My son drank all of the milk late last night so I couldn’t even make a latte and had to hit Starbucks for the breakfast of champions, a caramel macchiato. Skinny, of course.

Lunch consisted of Crispix. Healthy but not nutritious.

I got home and realized I had promised Caleb we would watch “Karate Kid” because it was due back to BlockBuster by 10pm. Never fear. If we watched it while eating dinner, I could still get to the co-rec and run 2 miles by 9pm.

Who knew Karate Kid was 2 hours and 20 minutes long!

After returning the movies, I decided running or, ahem, jogging, was simply not going to happen today. Instead of entirely give up, I decided to at the very least work out. I pulled out my Slim in 6 DVD which, in the not so distant past, kicked my butt.

Yeah…it still does. No miles logged today but I definitely got my heart rate up.


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