Old Scars, New Wounds

Tuesday I was so proud of myself for running 2 miles before work. And I still am! The funny thing is I almost look forward to running now even though I still hate it. I know…it doesn’t seem to make much sense but let me explain.

First, there is the sense of accomplishment I have when I complete a run. It isn’t really getting any easier – yet – but I am trying harder. Just the idea that I actually ran 2 miles is mind-boggling to me at times.

Second, although I may hate every minute of a run, once it is over, I feel so good. Refreshed! Energized! Invigorated! When I ran in the morning, I had so much energy all day. Well…I suppose I always have energy all day but I have more energy all day! Ha! For those of you that know me, that may be a scary thought.

Lastly, I’ve already lost 2#. Woot!

So, oddly enough, I now want to run just to have that sense of accomplishment – but I can’t. On Tuesday, I had that old scar – the one that started this entire journey – removed. It took 10 stitches to close it. When I asked if I could run, the surgeon said yes. He then explained how the stitches would pull so that the wound would be slightly pink but to rest-assured, it would not be infected.


While I am not using that as an excuse not to run, my training schedule does allow me to take 2 days off every other week…so that is exactly what I did. I took Wednesday and Thursday off from running and tomorrow…tomorrow I will run.


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