I’m not Catholic but Consider this a Confession

I have a confession to make. Life has kept me incredibly busy for the last few weeks. So busy, I haven’t been running – at all.

Initially, the stitches in my thigh kept me from running. I had a great run on January 9th but two days later, my stitches were screaming at me when I attempted to run. Considering my past history with stitches and wounds taking forever plus twenty days to heal, I chose to listen to my body and not run. Even after the surgeon removed my stitches, I was afraid to run. Stretching the skin as I crossed my legs hurt. I couldn’t imagine what running might feel like.

A week later, I left for vacation to Syracuse, New York to meet my amazing twitter friends, @KellyLux, @DanKlamm, @TracyTilly, @KimInCuse, @Rotolo and many, many others. Many people questioned my destination of Syracuse in the dead of winter. Considering Syracuse has the city with the highest average snowfall in a year, I can’t say I blame them. However, there isn’t a beach in the world that beats two things: meeting my twitter friends and my love of college basketball.

33,746 People in Attendance at the Carrier Dome

Kelly Lux, my awesome hostess, had the fabulous hook-up on incredible tickets to the Syracuse-Villanova game. We sat at center court in the eighth row, directly behind Dwayne “Pearl” Washington, a Syracuse legend from the early 80’s. While Syracuse lost in the end, the atmosphere was electrifying as 33,736 packed the Carrier Dome. I can definitely say attending this game is the highlight of my college basketball experiences.

As soon as I got back from vacation, I planned to run. Instead, a migraine decided to move in and take over my body for close to four days. Not amusing. Not in the least.

Other times, I didn’t have an excuse – or a reason. I was just lazy.

Today was different. The headache is finally gone. My leg has finished healing. It was time to get moving.

Fueled by the good news that my best friend from high school, Michelle Campbell Golladay, registered to run the half-marathon, I put on my running shoes, my leggings, my sweats, my track pants, my sweatshirts (yes, plural), my scarf, my hat, and my gloves, and hit the trails. I hadn’t run a lick for close to three weeks but I ran the entire three miles in 30 degree weather. I didn’t even play my usual game of focusing on the next mailbox or telephone pole. I just ran…and it felt great!


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