SnowPacalypse 2011

Mother Nature has not made getting back on track easy. The weatherman called for inches and inches of snow combined with lots and lots of ice. He warned us to expect power outages as wind gusts upwards of 40 mph would snap frozen power lines. Somehow, I doubted the forecast.

As I sat in my office Monday afternoon as the snow began to fall. It fell so lightly at first. I continued to work as the “ping” of sleet started. Sleet is better than ice, right?  Soon the “ping” of sleet against my window grew faster and harder so I decided to head home. As I drove, I realized my mistake. Traffic crawled. I needed groceries. Instead of doubting the forecast, I started to doubt I’d ever make it to the gym for my first 5-miler on the treadmill.

The grocery store was a madhouse and I accepted that I’d never make it to the gym to run that night. I settled for postponing it until the next day. Unfortunately, Mother Nature continued to interfere.

**fast forward two days**

We have now been sniced (that’s snow+ice) in for two days. The foot of snow that fell on my back patio has iced over so the dogs can walk on top of it. It has also iced over my driveway. After attempting to go to the gym this morning and only getting my car half-way out of the garage, I was happy just to get it back in my garage.

Frustrated with my lack of exercise, I decided to work out at home and let Slim in 6 kick my butt. I’ve never done so many squats in my life. My legs felt like rubber afterwards.

Afterwards, Caleb and I took a chilly quarter mile walk to Redbox to return our movies. It might not be 5 miles but I definitely got my workout.

Tomorrow? Five miles, baby!


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