Meeting Maxwell

Singing Directly To Me

If you know me at all, you know I love Maxwell. I’ve seen him three times in concert. Once on my birthday in 2009 and then twice last summer – once in May and once in June. That second concert consisted of a trip to New York City to watch him perform on The Today Show for the Summer Concert Series because I won a Today Show Fan Pass. It was amazing. He is amazing.

That being said, I would never want to meet Maxwell. Why?

I have this image of him that I’m quite confident he can’t live up to. I’d rather never meet him and live with my fantasy of perfection.

What if  I met him and he was completely unlike what I expected?

Unmet expectations…

That’s the problem with expectations. Things rarely turn out like one expects.

Two weeks ago, I attended an orientation for running the half marathon. Part of the package included being fit for shoes – something I have never done. They watch you run, have you try on different shoes, watch you run some more, until you have identified shoes that are ideal for your foot type and how you run.

I roll my feet when I run – in different directions, no less – so I need a stability shoe. After trying on several different shoes, I fell in love with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11. They hugged my foot just right and the heel cradle provided my feet the stability they needed.

One of the features is extra toe room, however, the pair I test ran seemed a bit short so the store suggested we order a size larger. I’d have to wait an entire 7 to 10 days to run in my fabulous new shoes.

For a week, I ran in my old shoes while dreaming of how different my new shoes would feel. For a week, I continued to anticipate how much easier it would be to run.

Finally, a day early, the store called. My shoes had arrived!

I drove to the store full of anticipation. I immediately drove to the TREC allowing my anticipation to build. Would my expectations be met?

I put on my new shoes, laced them up, and jumped on the treadmill.

Hmm…well…they certainly weren’t magical. I mean, I still had to move my own legs.

But yes! My new shoes felt fabulous on my feet! While my feet still rolled a bit (you can’t change muscle memory overnight), I felt more in control of my stride. Best of all, I ran 3 miles and my feet never fell asleep!

Maybe I want to meet Maxwell after all.


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