Create a Loop

As I continue my training and build my stamina to longer distances, it has become increasingly more important to know exactly how far I run. I can program a treadmill easily enough but running outside is much more desirable.

My girlfriend, April, who had the original idea to run the Nashville Half Marathon, introduced me to an amazing resource on Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong website – Loops.

Regardless of where you live or run, you can map out your path to determine the precise distance. The website even maps most footpaths. I love to run through Happy Hollow Park but never knew the distance I ran. Now, not only do I know the distance, I also know the change in elevation. After all, hills come with the territory.

You can also enter your average pace and your weight to identify approximately how many calories your run will burn – if you care about stuff like that.

Even cooler, you can save your Loops to share with others in your community. Below is my 4 mile training loop.

4 Mile Loop


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