Slow as Molasses in February

Slow as Molasses in February

I love this t-shirt!

I completed my first group run today and it is now official. I am as slow as molasses in February.  Out of 30 people, I finished third…to last.

This aggravates me because I couldn’t even run at a pace to challenge my cardio ability. Instead, my knees grimaced with each collision with the pavement. Remember those fabulous new shoes? While my feet have definitely stopped rolling, stress has been placed on my medial collateral ligament (MCL). I didn’t even know I had an MCL.

While I would not classify this as an injury, it does hamper my training. In addition to the “stresed” MCL, I have severe pain in my right leg. Usually it takes the first mile to work out stiffness in my calves regardless of how much I stretch prior to my run. Today, however, it seemed as though my sciatic nerve also did not want to cooperate.

From the middle of the right side of my buttock down the back side of my leg through my hamstring along the outside of my right calf, my leg was on fire. While I am proud of myself for pushing through the pain and finishing the run, I am frustrated with my lack of progress.

Four years of college volleyball and I never suffered an injury. Six weeks of running and I am falling apart. I am not amused.


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