Optimism at its Finest

I’m the eternal optimist. I try to find the good in everything.

So…when I initially considered training for a half marathon, I conveniently forgot about all of the things that could go wrong.

Even though it wasn’t really in my budget, I purchased a brand new pair of running shoes to maximize my training. I imagined myself zooming up and down the streets of West Lafayette as I trained. Instead, I ended up straining my medial collateral ligaments, which I didn’t even know I had.

I planned on losing weight. I’ve averaged over 10 miles a week but, as of Saturday, I hadn’t lost a pound.

Where was my silver lining? 

After my first group run on Saturday, I discussed my knee pain with my trainer, Travis, the owner of Tri-N-Run. Not only did Travis fit me for new shoes, he traded out the shoes I had been running in for two weeks. I left the store with a brand new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 13′s without spending a penny.

My training schedule called for a 2 mile easy run on Sunday. I was eager to try out my new kicks even though my knees were still sore. As my luck would have it, Sunday had other plans for me as well.

April called with last minute tickets to the Purdue-Ohio State men’s basketball game.

At 5pm, I had a commitment to give a presentation to my department’s student ambassadors.

I would have to run late in the evening.

As luck would have it, by late that evening, my stomach had other plans for me. I initially considered titling this blog, “More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Me”. Instead, I’ll just spare you the details and give you the results. I’ve lost 5.2 pounds since Sunday. I’ve only eaten Cinnamon Burst Cheerios and mashed potatoes because they are the only two things that will not upset my stomach.

Did you read that!?!? I lost 5.2 pounds!

Now that my knee pain has subsided, once my stomach returns to normal, I can’t wait to try out my new shoes!


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