Forty Should Be Fabulous

In a little over two months, I turn 40. I’ve never really dreaded a birthday and I wouldn’t really be dreading this one except I have consistently told myself since I was twenty that forty is fabulous. The problem is I’m not feeling fabulous.

After suffering a severe ankle injury last fall, I was unable to run for quite some time. Although I detest it, running was my tried and true way to stay in shape. After injuring my ankle, the orthopedist told me I shouldn’t expect to run for at least 8-10 weeks.

I’ve never been the best patient but I quickly learned if I didn’t take the doctor’s advice, I’d be looking at a lot more time than 10 weeks. I started to ice my ankle and foot three times a day. I elevated my ankle every chance I had – even at work. Instead of my busy social life, I stayed at home so I could rest my ankle. It helped but I still had trouble just getting to and from work.

Would I ever run again?

During this time, I also started to gain weight. At first I didn’t notice. However, 6 weeks after my injury – and 6 weeks without exercise – my metabolism slowed to a halt. Suddenly I was 20 pounds heavier and my ankle was not even close to allowing me to run again.

Finally I turned a corner. As a last resort, I tried acupuncture and also had a therapeutic massage. It worked wonders. Although my ankle wasn’t completely healed, I was finally headed in the right direction. One problem remained. Over the months of inactivity, I had also lost my motivation.

Today I decided I want to be forty, fabulous and fit. I have exactly 65 days to make that happen. While fad diets have never been my thing, I am going to try the Digest Diet to jump start my weight loss as I also exercise daily for at least an hour. Today I walked 4.25 miles with Caleb. It took us a little over an hour but it felt great.

Tomorrow I plan to walk an easy 2 miles to work out the soreness I am sure to have from today’s walk. I will be one day and 2 miles closer to being forty and fabulous!


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