Back on the Wagon

How many times have I stopped and started exercising? I start an exercise program, begin losing the pounds and seeing the results, only to allow life to get in the way. School starts. My schedule gets hectic. The first thing to go is my exercise regimen.

Look people. The fact is…I’m getting *ahem* old. Okay…let’s go with old-er. I no longer lose weight as easily as I did when I was young-er. And it is only going to get hard-er and hard-er.

Today I ran a few miles with my girlfriend, April. April is part of the reason I started this blog. Somehow, two years ago, she convinced me to run a half-marathon. Actually, I don’t know who convinced who that it was a good idea. Either way, we did it! We bought new running shoes. We joined a training group. We trained in the cold of winter during the Snowpacalypse. We ran – and finished – a half-marathon.

And then we did nothing…for a long time.

Today we ran together at the Celery Bog and discussed why we can’t seem to stay on the exercise wagon. Neither of us had an answer. Well, I do have a theory that my personality type just doesn’t help…but that is another blog.

Long story short – April and I are back on the wagon. Stay tuned because I have some very exciting news to share in the near future!


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